'tis the season to be jolly! fa la la la la la la

Deck your homes and make your friends jolly with Project C & D's new product offering. We are selling assorted packs of candies.

We can arrange your candies in small bottles too.

Please feel free to send us a message for inquiries. You message us via our Facebok Page or through email : theprojectcd@gmail.com

Over the past months, we were beginning to feel hopeless about our business. Where can we get clients? Will we ever have clients again? Our silent pleas and prayers were answered because after a month, a colleague hired us to provide candy buffet services for his daughter's Christening. We owe this project to C's successful sales talk. :)

This second project will always be memorable for us because our determination, patience and spirits were tested. Days before the event, Manila was devastated from the wrath of typhoon Mario. Our main casualty was the chocolate fountain. The rain and flooding prevented C to secure the chocolate fondue from our trusted supplier. Some decorative materials were likewise not purchased. We almost wanted to give up. We were thinking of offering a full refund to our client. We didn't allow ourselves to be swayed by all the hindrances around us. We decided to pursue the project. We disregarded the typhoon's aftermath. Luckily, the heavens connived with us. We experienced a better weather during the event.

Here are some photos of our project.

Our client wanted a Barbie inspired candy buffet. Initially we felt that the theme may not complement a Christening reception. To address this, we decided to go away from the usual black, white and pink color scheme of Barbie. We wanted to offer a Barbie candy buffet that is fitted for a baby girl. We opted for a garden inspired theme. Our peg was the Barbie as princesses or fairies. 

We were able to surpass the bad weather. The roads were clear and the flooding subsided. Unfortunately, there was another problem waiting for us in the venue. The two tables we requested were not delivered. The food caterer offered a round table that will never fit our plan. We were forced to rummage the office tables available inside the venue. It will never be possible to  find identical office tables. So we made the best out of what we found. Two office tables of different height and width for our candy buffet, how about that? 

So here's what happened with the uneven tables. We have a two layer candy buffet table. The left side was intended for the design and a few treats. The taller table was used to elevate all the candies.

The main star of the buffet! The lollipops became an instant treat!

A new decorative item in our collections is this bird house. This was inspired from the cutest movie, Up. On our next project, we will surely add more balloons. 

Big thanks to our dear clients, W and V! We hope you can hire us on Evai's first birthday too. ;)

If you want to have a similar set up for your event, please CONTACT US.

Our mission is to make the happiest and greatest memories in your events and celebrations.
Please give us the opportunity to do it again. :) Your happiness is our candy buffet's mission.

We are finally in business!

Technically, this is our first candy buffet project. The first in our previous post was given as a gift. So when this project came, we were so thrilled! Our business is finally starting.

C was responsible for bringing this client. The celebrant is the nephew of her college bestfriend. It started with a series of messages in Facebook. After one month, we met the uncle of the celebrant and did an ocular to the venue. Our client was so generous because he chose our most expensive package. :) He requested for 10 different candies and our newly purchased chocolate fountain.

After less than a month of planning and sourcing out materials, here are snippets from our first "paying" client. :)

We have been dreaming of having a "baby boy" for our client. 

 We love this lady bug chocolates!

Here it is

We have already related the story of our business. When the partnership of C and D was formed, we agreed that the first task is to build our project portfolio. Our candy buffet business should start with a collection of happy and satisfied clients.

Who will be our first customer was our struggle. Good thing, one of C's nieces will be celebrating her 7th birthday. C and D agreed to use a family related event to showcase their business. 

The birthday girl initially wanted a Monster High theme for her celebration. It was quite hard for us to come out with a design. We were not familiar with Monster High. The colour scheme of Monster High is black and pink. Fusing these two colours for a kiddie party emerged as a challenge. In the middle of the planning period, C's sister-in-law changed her mind. She just wanted a pink candy buffet theme for daughter. 

Having limited resources, D rummaged whatever materials she have at home. It was also during this time when C & D hopped from different wholesalers for the cheapest package of candies. The two-week preparation led to this Pink and Teddy Bear Candy Buffet.

Hello Paulinians!

And the final output :)

This type of candy buffet package contains seven types of candies, excluding the cupcakes.  This set-up can be experienced in your party within the price range of Php 3,000 to 4,500. The package already includes the arrangement and take out bags. For further inquiries, you can reach us via email: theprojectcd@gmail.com. You can also leave your contact info at the comment box below or to our instagram account: theprojectcd

It has been two months since we had our first client. Well technically, we cannot consider her as a client because the entire project was given for free.

Here are few photo teasers from our first project.

Will blog about this soon ;)

Posted by Diane

If I had it my way, I wouldn't recommend purchasing a chocolate fountain at this early stage of the business. However, my business partner insisted. I didn't argue out of respect to age seniority. Thou shall not disobey the elders. Hahahaha 

Candice has this intensifying desire to include chocolate fountain in our candy buffet packages. Good thing, our next client requested for a chocolate fountain. In effect, I have to adjust the costing and proposal. As expected, prices of the packages will escalate. I was afraid that client might back out. The heavens connived with us because client accepted the price and we found another business partner. We now have a silent partner who willingly contributed resources. Hence, we were spared from wrecking part of our day job earnings. Thanks R!

Now that we have the client and resources for the chocolate fountain, the next challenge is where to buy the chocolate fountain? We started scouting the appliance centers of SM Department stores. We encountered two sizes (two and four layers) priced at Php 2,500 and around Php 4,500 respectively. SM is definitely not an option. Despite the experience in SM, I checked Rustan's and what should I expect? The cheapest two layer was priced around Php 4,000. Rustan's offers the premium brand, Sunnex. Upon internet research, I learned that Sunnex is one of the most expensive brands in stainless kitchenware.

We were left with Divisoria as our last option. I initially googled for articles and was led to the area of Sto. Cristo. Apparently, there are numerous stores in Divisoria offering all kinds of chocolate fountain. Despite being convinced that Divisoria is our last destination, we opted for another seller. We ended in an online shopping site, Lazada.

Instincts told me to try Lazada and was surprised with the varied selection of chocolate fountains. Best about everything, I found 20 different fountains to choose from. Everything was offered at discounted prices that range from Php 400 to 1000. Steal! Check them out here.

We bought the medium sized version around Php 1,100. It was delivered within 3 days, consistent to Lazada's lead time. 

So I thought the story is already over. When we went to Divisoria a few weeks ago, Candice discovered the same brand and style to a vendor in Divisoria. We asked for the final price and were surprised with Php 2,300 ?!? Lesson learned : not everything you see in Divisoria is cheap! Lazada's deal was a steal. We were further spared from the hassles of hopping from one shop to another.

We wanted to share the experience to anyone who has plans of purchasing a chocolate fountain. A few tips I learned after days of reading internet articles about chocolate fountains

1. Sunnex is the premium brand of chocolate fountain. If you are brand conscious, choose Sunnex  and proceed to Rustan's.

2. The most expensive chocolate fountain are those that are 100% made of stainless steel. Most of the chocolate fountains available are stainless steel in the outside. The inner tube that pumps the chocolate are most of the time, made of plastic. The 100% stainless steel unfortunately comes with a hefty price tag. Sunnex I believe is the lone brand that sells 100% stainless steel in the Philippine market. 

Despite the promise of 100% stainless steel fountain, we still opted for the semi-stainless. Why? We found good reviews about chocolate fountains with plastic inner tubes. They still last for a long time, with proper TLC ;) Moreover, we don 't foresee using the chocolate fountain everyday. lol So we feel that this time, the cheaper chocolate fountain will work for us.

3. Not everything in Divisoria is 100% guaranteed the best deal. I'm really thankful that I decided to search Lazada.

On my next post, I will share tips on choosing the best chocolate syrup for your chocolate fountain.

Wishing you a great week ahead!

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